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Online Piano Lessons!

Before Covid-19, I had never taught an online piano lesson. Would it work?! What would need to be done differently? The answers turned out to be 'absolutely' and 'not a lot!' All you need is a device (laptop, iPad, tablet) set up beside you, a reasonable internet connection and you're away.

I have been so impressed with how quickly my students adapted to online lessons. In fact, I even started to see some benefits. Student's became more independent learners e.g. marking their own finger numbers in their books and making their own notes, meaning they are really engaged and clear on what they need to practice each week.

Also, there's the added convenience of learning in the comfort of your own home. Broken down cars, snow, an unwell sibling/parent, traffic etc. are now no problem with online lessons. It's also been really helpful for me to see student's in their home setup and I've been able to give tips on piano stool height and posture.

Students have been able to take 'video' grades, meaning their progress hasn't been limited and have gotten fantastic results.

While the circumstances weren't ideal, I'm so glad I've got to see how effective online lessons are and I'm sure they'll be a place for them long after the pandemic has passed.

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